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Leadership: Laureen Dunne,
President of the Board of the NYRP

For many years, Laureen has been involved in personal growth, human potential and spiritual transformation. She has developed and facilitated workshops and training programs (mostly at the South Jersey Atlantic Coast) in the areas of stress management, addictions, resolution of childhood issues, confidence development and creating success.

Laureen has extensive counseling experience in the field of hypnotherapy. She also teaches awareness of energy flow so that holistic wellness can be better understood. Laureen is an ordained minister, a master clinical hypnotherapist and is board certified in Hypno-Anesthesiology. She is also an hypnosis instructor teaching others hypnotherapy and is a lifetime member of The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Her deepest love is that of the Pathwork Lectures. Instantly called to follow the teachings from 1991 forward, she enrolled in the New York Region Pathwork Studies Program and followed with the Helpership Development Program. To date, she is currently Board President of the NYRP, and happily practicing her helpership.

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