Decisions & Tests

Life is full of decisions — but how to make the right ones? There’s a simple key to making decisions, as the Pathwork Guide explains…

In my last lecture I briefly touched upon the subject of decision-making. I was asked how it is possible to always know what the right action is. It is one of the things that you have to learn, even though it appears difficult at times. Many people can make decisions on the outer level, though some cannot do even that. A great number of people cannot make the inner decisions, however.

Their emotional currents and inner, emotional reactions make them completely incapable of deciding inwardly, and they do not even know it since the process is covered up.

Only when they start weighing their innermost motives and emotions do they  come to realize what has been going on. Then they can begin to make inner decisions. The inability to make inner decisions expresses itself not only in problems that seem to have directly to do with other people, but more so in one’s inner attitudes, feelings, and reactions.

Those who will not make a decision are often the same who most sincerely strive to follow their soul’s yearning. Although they truly want to do what is right and just, they shy away from doing something because it may not please God. They are afraid of doing wrong so they do not do anything. They do not understand that by not making a decision they also make a decision. The world, and what you call time, never stands still. Everything is in the stream of life, and whatever you do, including not doing anything, must have a consequence. When you shy away from making a decision, it means you have not yet found a key to your soul.

You live, possibly without being aware of it, in fear. You do not take command of your ship, believing and hoping — again unconsciously — that God or fate will make the decision for you. Once in a while this may even happen, but, in general, God’s world is not permitted to interfere, since one of the things you have to learn is to take responsibility for your decisions. You have to learn to pierce the dark cloud which obscures the truth and creates confusion. You must do so by your own effort, by your personal spiritual endeavor, by your increasing self-awareness.

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