The New York Region Pathwork is a tax-exempt, 501 (c) 3 organization incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. Our mission is to make the spiritrual tools provided by the Pathwork accessible to all who want them. We create Pathwork events to share the wisdom of the Pathwork Guide Lectures. Most of these are evening programs where we study a particular lecture. We also support and promote Pathwork programs in the tri-State area and other regions.

No member of the Board receives a salary or any compensation. All donations go to reimbursements for the expenses of setting up and hosting programs and updating our website. We welcome all people who resonate with the Pathwork Lectures into the Pathwork fellowship. The NYRP conducts regular meetings of the board, and minutes are posted on our website. We also conduct an annual meeting during which all members who donate $5 or more per month can vote to elect the members of the Board of Directors.

Our Board of Directors

Alan Saly


Alan Saly has studied the Pathwork since the age of 16. His parents, John and Judith Saly were founding members of the Pathwork community and were Pathwork helpers. He aspires to raise his own consciousness through the tools provided by his pathwork of self-facing, and help others to do the same. He works at a major NYC labor union where he advocates for the rights of the working class.

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Traci Medford-Rosow

Vice President

Traci is an attorney and author living in New York City with her husband, Joel.  She was drawn to the Pathwork lectures ten years ago after a chance encounter with her neighbor. She and Alan Saly co-host monthly Pathwork meetings in her NYC apartment during which all Pathworkers are welcome to attend in-person or on Zoom.

Kevin Haszto


As a scholar in essence and a published author and musician, Kevin Haszto grew up fascinated by God as expressed in the world around him, desiring to learn everything he could from a very young age. Influenced strongly by his own artistic and musical expression, his own studies of the natural world through science and mathematics lead him to pursue a career as an engineering and management professional specializing in computational simulation. Wrestling with metaphysics and religion in his teens and twenties prompted a period of rational agnosticism post-9/11 following a year in Japan. Informed by his study and love of the Zen tradition, and inspired by the works of Alan Watts, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Shunryu Suzuki, an awakening of faith in the absolute and a return to practice was experienced.

As a practitioner of A Course in Miracles since 2011, the Pathwork since 2018, and the Michael Teachings and Law of One since 2019 Kevin has a deep love and respect for the practice of channeling and its ability to illuminate unitive truth, provide useful context on any spiritual path, and support self-integration and healing. He is delighted to voluntarily serve the New York Region Pathwork in the capacity of Treasurer and member of the board, and he hopes his future contribution to the Pathwork community at large can grow in a shared spirit of mutual trust and unity.

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Juan Burgos


Path Work is the path of my life.
Ever since I came to know of this most marvelous path it became my number one priority to dive deep into it. For I realized immediately that all my  spiritual searches have ended here. In my opinion this is the highest path of truth that exists on this earth plane. If one wishes to truly know oneself, find one’s truth, connect with divine truth and through that connection find soul liberation, fulfillment and total happiness seek no further.
I am Juan De Jesus Burgos. I have worked as a chef for most of my life here in New York city where I am blessed to reside. Although I have been in the culinary world for the past more than 30 years my domain has always been spirituality. After my early retirement from this field  I have given myself entirely to my inner work with this most phenomenal tool of Path Work, the bible scriptures and through fasting, prayer and meditation. I have been blessed with many, many break throughs, life transmuting realizations and in general I feel like an almost completely different person from the time I first started on this great path.
 I have also followed my inner calling to write a spiritual book. Although I had never published anything before I could not resist the powerful inner drive that demanded that I write a book. I obeyed the calling and my book “Love & Surrender Key into the Kingdom of Heaven” is now available out there for all receptive souls.

Marian Lewis

At-Large Member

Marian is a longtime Pathworker and Pathwork Helper who worked and studied extensively at the Phoenicia Pathwork Center throughout the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. She is a grandmother and a spiritual seeker.

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