Are You Happy?

We must ask and allow ourselves to answer this basic question: How happy am I? What is lacking in my life? To the extent that unhappiness or discontent exist in your life you have not fulfilled your potential.

Whoever is not quite happy and harmonious can truthfully declare: “I have not quite followed God’s call.”

How happy are you? How well-balanced are you? How harmonious are you “inside”? Outside you may have troubles, but if you are truly on the right path and fulfill God’s will for you, no matter what your outer difficulties may be, you must be happy. That should be your yardstick and indication of where you stand and how much you are fulfilling, my friends. I want each one of you to ask yourself: “How happy am I? How satisfied am I with my life and with myself?” Think about it. If you feel any disharmony or dissatisfaction, you will know the answer.

If you really want to follow the call, you can. Do not say, “I do not know how or where to turn; I cannot do it alone.” Of course, you cannot do it alone. However, first you must really want to do it; first you must decide for it clearly and unconditionally, then God will guide you wherever you need to go and through whatever means may be best for you so that you receive the necessary help from outside, so that you can develop yourself within to the highest degree that can be expected of you.

It is not enough that you lead a decent life and are a so-called ethical person who does no harm to others and who does not violate earthly laws. This may be enough for a person who is a younger soul, but not for any of you, my friends. So test yourself and answer the question: How much do I really want to follow the call, even if it means that I have to use willpower, effort, patience — and, perhaps, suffer some pain?

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The practice: Meditate on these words and consider them carefully. Allow yourself to feel and know how happy or unhappy, secure or insecure, you feel. Allow yourself to know what spiritual laws you have broken, and meditate for the understanding of how to move the energy you possess into the right channels to awake your higher self.