The Process of Being A Helper Is One Of Guiding

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You can’t do it alone. No matter how much insight you may gain from reading the Lectures, we have found that a partnership with another person who can help you see your faults and your beauty is essential. That person is the Pathwork Helper.

A Pathwork Helper is someone who has successfully completed one of many Helpership training programs around the world and is qualified to hold individual sessions, lead groups, hold lecture study, workshops, and/or trainings using the service mark Pathwork® Pathwork Helpers have learned and understood the Pathwork principles put forward in the Guide Lectures. The Pathwork is not therapy, although many issues which we delve into are also the province of therapy. The Pathwork is not recommended for someone with severe mental illness or personality disorders. Our Pathwork rests on a foundation of answering a spiritual call and having the willingness to tackle one’s personal problems in that context.

Working with a Pathwork Helper

FAQs about Pathwork Helpers

What is a Pathwork Helper?

A Pathwork® Helper is a worker on the Path who has responded to a calling to serve others on their journey to self-discovery through individual session work, lecture study, workshops, and/or leadership positions within the Pathwork community. A Pathwork Helper has successfully completed a Pathwork Transformation Program, a one-year Teacher Training program, an additional three years of a Helper Training Program, and has apprenticed and assisted in Pathwork programs for at least one year. Additionally, throughout their training and apprenticeship, individual session work is required and all Helpers work under supervision as long as they continue to teach and hold individual sessions.

Do I Need a Helper?

The Pathwork lectures tell us that this work is impossible to do alone. We need the help and support of others. An intellectual understanding of the lectures is just a beginning. For true transformation to take place, we must experience the truth contained in the lecture material at a personal level. Individual session work with Helpers facilitates this process, helping us to see how our own negativity, unresolved childhood issues, and unmet needs are creating disharmony and conflict in our relationships with ourselves, others and with the world.

How Do I Find a Helper?

Simply click on Helpers • or Helpers in Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas to access a list of all Helpers in the region.

How Do I Choose a Helper?

Request an interview with any Helper(s) to determine your level of trust and comfort. Ideally, you would want to pick a Helper with whom you can have in-person sessions. However, many workers have sessions with their Helpers via phone and/or internet videos such as Skype or Zoom.

How Often Would I Meet with my Helper?

The frequency of Helper sessions is something you would want to discuss with the Helper(s) during the interview process. A session is typically 50 minutes in duration. However, lengthier sessions may be requested. Students in advanced training meet with a Helper twice a month, and Helpers themselves meet with their own Helpers twice a month.

How Expensive are Helper Sessions?

Helper session fees vary depending on the experience and background of the Helper. Costs vary so be sure to inquire as to the fees during your interview with a potential Helper.

Meet Our Helpers

Meet Our Helpers

Laureen Dunne

South Jersey

Laureen Dunne has developed and facilitated workshops and training programs in the areas of stress management, addictions, resolution of childhood issues, confidence development and creating success. She is a graduate of the New York Region Pathwork and has been a a Pathwork Helper since 2007. From 2008 to the present, she has been President of the New York Region Pathwork Board of Directors. Her hourly rate is $95 but she also offers a sliding scale appropriate to individual circumstances and income.

Contact: (609) 601-9001

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Donna Gray


 Donna Gray completed her training as a Pathwork Helper in the New York Region. She lives in Manhattan and is a Licensed Social Worker. She is also a Trustee of the Pathwork Foundation. She offers Pathwork sessions on a sliding scale depending on ability to pay.

Email Donna

Camille Maxwell

Upstate - Albany Area

Camille has been studying the Pathwork since 1991 and became a Pathwork Helper in 2003. She lives in the upstate, capitol region of New York State and prefers to teach small groups about the Guide’s Lectures. Individual work is done on a face to face basis.

Email Camille

Jan Rigsby


Jan Rigsby was certified by the Pathwork of California. She founded Pathwork in Australia, teaching several four-year Transformation Programs as well as developing distance learning courses. She lives in Brooklyn, and uses teleconference software to stay in touch with clients worldwide. She charges $130 for a 90 minutes private session.

Contact: (347) 722-1733

Email Jan

Jac Conaway

Woodstock Area

Jac Conaway is a Pathwork Helper and Core Energetic Therapist. He lives near Woodstock, New York and also sees workers in New York City and via skype. He charges $175 with a sliding scale. His commitment is to help people make very deep changes in their consciousness and thus their lives.

Email Jac

Lin Murphy

Phoenicia Area

Lin Murphy, MA is completed her Helpership training in the New York Region Pathwork in 1991. She has taught Pathwork Studies in Phoenicia, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY and Burlington, Vermont. She founded a holistic health center in Saratoga Springs, NY where she maintained a practice in coaching and Pathwork Helpership.

Email Lin

Jerem Egan

Portland, Oregon

Jerem began his Pathwork journey in 1979, was a resident at the Phoenicia Pathwork Center from 1980 to 1984, and graduated from the Helpership Development Program in 1996. He has taught PW Studies Classes, co-facilitated Men’s and Relationship Retreats, an Open Weekends.

Jerem produced two Pathwork music albums, “Sweet Surrender” (1985) and “Be Still and Know” (1995). In addition, Jerem has maintained a holistic practice utilizing a wide variety of modalities, including EFT Tapping, Guided Imagery, and Stress Management. He is currently residing in Portland, Oregon and offers Facetime, Skype, and Phone sessions @ $100/hour. Sliding scale available if needed. He offers a 15 minute introductory call at no charge.

Call/ Text: 541-292-3427 (Pacific Time Zone)

JoAnn Brickley

Pittsburgh Area

JoAnn has guided others towards their own inner strength for over 30 years. She has an enormous commitment to self-responsibility and to performing daily Pathwork practices. JoAnn has taught Pathwork Immersion Days, as well as Pathwork lectures in small and large group formats, for over three years. Her passion for teaching comes naturally and is infused with her knowledge and love of Pathwork lectures. JoAnn searched for a spiritual purpose for over twenty years before discovering the path. Through therapy, ashrams, est, and energy healing schools, JoAnn’s long-standing desire to make a difference in the lives of others remains powerful.

Contact: 412-877-0452
[email protected]

Kim Fitzpatrick

Pittsburgh Area

Kim brings kindness, compassion, and a strong holding to her workers, enabling them to work very deeply. Humor, warmth, and a creative mind bring levity to her sessions. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School where she honed her natural clairsentient abilities as an energy healing practitioner. She has been a passionate student of Pathwork since 2009, having completed the Transformation Training, Teacher Training, and Helpership training. She is very active in the Pittsburgh Pathwork community as a founding board member, teacher, and lecture study facilitator.

Contact: 412-427-0884 

[email protected]

Dinnie Goldring

Pittsburgh Area

Dinnie brings caring, compassionate, and playful wisdom to her work as a helper. Her warm and inviting energy and sincere curiosity about others’ lives, encourages trust and honesty in those with whom she works. One of Dinnie’s strengths is her confidence and trust in the Pathwork process: that working through our darkest parts brings us into greater connection with our own unique Divinity as well as greater joy and connection in our daily lives. Dinnie is dedicated to walking this path toward our true selves with others. Dinnie brings many years of experience as a Gestalt therapist and mindfulness meditator/instructor to her practice as a Pathwork helper.

Contact: 412-913-1977 

[email protected]

Billy Weil

Pittsburgh Area

Billy has a particular passion for supporting interpersonal relationships, grounded in the principle that successful relationships require first having an honest and loving relationship with one’s self. He is the founding board Vice President of Pittsburgh Pathwork and Chair of the Teachers Council. Billy was a Seminar Leader for est/Landmark Education for five years, and has published two spiritually-oriented books, one on relationships; the other on entrepreneurship.

Contact: (412) 207-8177 (preferred) 

(412) 559-7791 (cell)
[email protected]

Alecia Moyer-Basso

Pittsburgh Area

Alecia is a Pathwork Helper who has been studying and practicing Pathwork for over ten years. Alecia is a licensed social worker and trained in the 50-50. She brings her warmth and compassion to help others meet their darkness so that they can awaken to the light within themselves.

Contact: 412-576-1104
[email protected]

Judy Talbert

Pittsburgh Area

Judy has been a spiritual seeker throughout her adult life and in 2003 began to focus on studying Pathwork lectures. Her devotion to a spiritual path has led her to a full and rich life. She brings to each worker an open heart, a sense of humor and an attitude of reverence for the uniqueness of each life. Judy is currently the Spiritual Director of the Pittsburgh Pathwork Region. She lives in Pittsburgh, but at this time will have Zoom sessions only.

Contact: 412-867-5343
[email protected]

Kathy McCallister

Pittsburgh Area

Kathy began her spiritual quest in 1980 in the recovery community and remains an active member today. She has been involved with Pathwork for 25 years and is passionate about the teachings of Pathwork. She is a licensed Social Worker and has worked in private practice for 30 years with individuals, couples and groups. Kathy has a special interest in people who are in recovery and those that have mental health concerns.

Contact: 412 596-4357
[email protected]

Linda Jean Philpott

Pittsburgh Area

Linda has been studying, training, and integrating the Pathwork Lectures for the past 15 years. She has completed all of the training opportunities offered. She is drawn to facilitating others to integrate themselves to be at one with their True Identity and in alignment with their Divine purpose in life.

Contact: 724-612-9707
[email protected]

The Process of Being A Helper Is One Of Guiding

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A Pathwork Helper is someone who has successfully completed one of many Helpership training programs around the world and is qualified to hold individual sessions, lead groups, hold lecture study, workshops, and/or trainings using the service mark Pathwork®.

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