Daily Review

Greetings in the name of the Lord. I bring you blessings, my dear friends, as usual.

Every day, there are opportunities to understand and gauge your moods, thoughts, and feelings. First comes an inventory, which can be done by yourself or with a friend. At the end of each day, for 15 minutes, Pathworkers use the valuable tool of the Daily Review. First comes an inventory, which can be done by yourself or with a friend. Then, the Daily Review is used to keep the day’s events in perspective and point the way to more awareness and more fulfillment each day.

Examine what you really think, what you really feel, what you really want. Make an inventory of your emotional trends and soul currents. By re-examining them you can oust whatever has no validity for you any more and change your currents accordingly. Thus you put order in your soul. Then you will be able to change your will direction where that is necessary. You may even change your desires. Only when you do this consciously can you ascertain the existence in you of the various feelings, desires, and attitudes.

Then you will be able, with the help of the spiritual nourishment that you take in, to see whether these tendencies are in accordance with the spiritual laws or not. You will also see whether you have broken some spiritual law in the past, quite unconsciously, by your wrong inner direction. When these tendencies are unconscious within you, they create a great deal of harm; they create conflict and disorder within you. This all represents the uncleansed or “unhygienic” soul.

There is so much in there that ought to be washed away or ousted. So cleanse your souls as you cleanse your bodies. This ought to be done every day. You ought to review your day and examine your own reactions to the various incidents that have taken place during the day. This is the only way you can cleanse your spirits, your souls. Only in this way will you be open and receptive to the proper nourishment with which you can grow spiritually every day.

I want to remind all of you to practice using a powerful tool called daily review. You do not have to be extremely far in self-development to accomplish this. Anyone can do so. All you should do is review the day and think of all the instances that have caused you disharmony in any manner, shape, or form. Even if at the beginning you cannot understand why, just put down the incident and what you have felt.

When you have done this for a while, a pattern will evolve. It may still not give you a clue concerning what is wrong in your inner makeup, but you will at least see some repetition indicating that there must be something in you that is causing the disharmony, no matter how wrong others may be in their own way. If unhappy events or feelings recur constantly, they are a clue to your own soul. These repeated occurrences, along with your reactions toward them, may vary in two or three ways, but there must be a basic, underlying problem which you can learn to recognize.

Doing your review will not take more than ten or fifteen minutes every day, which should certainly be possible for each one of you. You do not have to write down everything that has disturbed your sense of harmony during the course of a day, just certain key words. By constantly doing this, you will succeed in making the  unconscious conscious and you will discover your own inner trends. You will most certainly recognize definite patterns in your life which you cannot become aware of otherwise. That is all you should do at present. There is no magic trick to it.

After you have kept a daily review for a while, read all daily review notes through and recollect the incidents, with your reactions. See whether you can at least sense a pattern, and then ask yourself, “Can I find the point in myself where I deviate from some divine law?” Compare these patterns with your list of faults which you have already discovered. Ask yourself questions as to what your feelings are, what your desire currents really want, and whether these feelings and currents are truly in accordance with divine law.

Ask God for enlightenment as to what in these patterns may be even remotely or indirectly connected with your faults. This is the way to get right into the middle of this path. Without God’s help, it would be extremely difficult, perhaps impossible, to gain the self-knowledge which is the essence of and the key to this path and without which you cannot reach divinity within yourself. It takes so very little time, and I beg all of you, for your own sake, to do it.

Download Lecture 28: “Communication with God – Daily Review” (PDF)