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Kathleen Kiley Fisher is the founder and president of Wellness Insights, LLC in East Windsor, CT. Kathleen is a Pathwork Teacher and offers free, weekly Pathwork Lecture discussions on ZOOM. In addition to teaching Pathwork, Kathleen is an energy medicine practitioner and Yoga training facilitator. She has created several health management programs that produce long-lasting behavioral change.

Her spirituality and wellness training programs are offered in schools, hospitals, correctional institutions (for adults and youth), and state health agencies. Kathleen is the author of three self-care manuals including The Spiritual Mind which offers in-depth insight to 21 Spiritual Laws From the Pathwork Guide Lectures.

To RSVP or learn more information about Kathleen’s weekly ZOOM discussions, click here: https://www.mindbodyspiritforhealth.com/classes-and-workshops/


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